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"Michelle helped me to do an overhaul on my service processes for my home beautification business. She was so patient and stayed on track during our meetings discussing the various services I offer, and the steps that are involved to create the best customer experience and results. With a variety of services, Michelle was able to rein it in to make the processes clearer and defined. From there she typed up a process manual, with steps to follow which could be used for new employees, as well as even the email templates for my client emails throughout the processes. When sending off proposals with this new strategy I landed two large clients right away! Worth every penny to have Michelle help provide clarity in my service process and streamline my business. She even helped me with pricing and packages! I have passed on her info to other businesses, and will continue to recommend Michelle with Lochsmith Consulting for small business owners who need help creating more structure, defined strategies and processed to better operate their business!"

~ Veronica Stone, Professional Interior Organizer,  Decorator & Feng Shui Consultant
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