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Hi! I’m Michelle.

I created Lochsmith Consulting to work with business owners as a mentor and consultant to improve their businesses and “work life balance”.

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Running a business is hard work and business owners often wear multiple hats. You want to set aside time to work ON your business, but duty calls and you end up spending all of your time working IN your business.

I believe strongly in building a whole life, not just a business and giving back when and where we can.

It’s time to make a shift and set yourself and your business up for success.

I can help you to…

Write business plans and partner agreements.

Create marketing plans: have a clear vision of where you are taking your business and a foundation for decision making.

Establish policies and procedures: a key component to streamlining day to day operations and maximizing efficiency.

Put systems in place: ensure team members carry out their tasks in a way that is congruent with the vision of the company.

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Services to help get you there

Project Packages

Project Packages

Do you have a project that you want to get off the ground? Whether it be business or strategic planning, marketing or processes, we can put systems in place to ensure your projects are moving forward. You will be set up so that you are clearly focused on your vision.


Ongoing mentorship guidance will help you stay on top of your vision and goals. Having someone who understands what matters to you and who will keep you accountable is vital in the success of your business!


When I’m not with clients one on one I share my experience from the stage speaking on business and work/life balance (spoiler alert - it doesn’t exist). Does your team or audience need some guidance in the form of an inspiring talk? Let’s chat.

Let’s Work Together

I’d love to help you unlock your potential, let’s start a conversation on how we can work together.
Now is the perfect time to start.

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